How to Prank Your Friends Using Facebook Ads

Have you ever thought to use Facebook Ads' audience targeting features as a way to prank someone?

I usually use Facebook Ads to promote my brand/products to millions of people. In this case though, I'm targeting one specific person to promote a party that's happening at his house while he's not there. The party is made up, but the goal is for him to see this ad on his Instagram Feed:

Party at Peter'sThis is a picture of my friend, Peter's, house in Islamorada, Florida. To be clear, there is no party, no free drinks, nor any free furniture for the boys or for anyone (at least for now).

How to Prank Your Friends Using Facebook Ads

There are a myriad of ways to prank your friends using FB Ads. I'm gonna walk you through a prank we're running right now as of writing this article.


  • My friend (and Wai cofounder), Henry, is staying at our friend Peter's house in Islamorada, Florida.
  • Peter and his wife are visiting Nantucket for the week

This is all you need to know.


We've set up an Ad Set targeting the following:

  • People traveling in Nantucket
  • Age 30-36
  • All genders (so we make sure we get Peter and/or his wife).

Here's how to set up the prank in Ads Manager:

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