We feel rich with happiness when our customers tell us that they love their WAI wear. We feel empowered when we hear of people bravely wearing WAI shorts out in communities where the social norms shun “short” shorts (we admire you; we love you). WAI’s relationship with the humans who support it is symbiotic.

There are some specific actions we take to do this. Firstly, we push ourselves to be compassionate. We think it’s the coolest thing and that it’s a key to making us all rich and powerful. If you have some ideas about how we can be more and/or encourage more compassion, please, please let us know.

The other actions are more tangible and focus on supporting natural human beauty and taste.

We do not edit the bodies/faces of the humans we photograph.

We market each of our products to all genders. WAI's products fit on a person's body based on body size– not based on sex and definitely not based on gender. We do our best to offer sizes that fit many bodies. We’d love to get you a size that works on your body: let us know if we can.

We are defined by a harmonious relationship of femininity and masculinity. We believe that cultural pressures interfere with this harmony in many of our lives. This limits true human expression. We think that an individual will feel better and spread more joy when they/she/he feels accepted and promoted. We hope that WAI facilitates this and ask for your support and ideas on how to further this mission.

Why WAI?

WAI is pronounced like “why” in english, e.g. the heading of this section is just the same sound repeated twice. Wai refers to a Thai greeting style: a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. So, why wai?

Initially, we just wanted something to rep Thailand and we thought that the hands pressed together would look dope in a logo. But there's something deeper and so beautiful about the wai way of greeting someone.

Compared to the handshake which originates from checking for weapons on another person and looking each other in the eye, wai involves bowing one's head and exposing one's neck. It's almost completely opposite from a handshake. Wai says "Hello. Nice to meet you. I trust you with my life in your hands."

Can we help each other?

If any of this resonates with you and you wanna contact us, do it! We’re here at hi@waiwear.com, and on Instagram at @waiwearofficial. We welcome collaboration ideas, praise, and especially criticism.

With love and gratitude,

Tim, Kelly, and Henry