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About Wai

Why Wai?

Pronounced like “why” in English, wai is a Thai greeting style. Press your palms and fingers together, bend at the hips a little, and bow your head. There are nuances to wai'ing, but those instructions will get you most of the way there.

So, why Wai?

Wai Wear was founded in Chiang Mai, Thailand initially under the name Wai Shorts. Chiang Mai is a magical city with ancient city walls, warm lights in the warm night air, delicious food, colors, supremely rich history, and a beautifully diverse community. Wai Wear is infinitely grateful to its birthplace and its name is an homage to this. 

Wai also symbolizes an exercise of connectedness. Compared to the handshake, which is direct and requires eye contact, the wai gesture is vulnerable, bowing to expose one’s neck. Wai says "Hello. Nice to meet you. I trust you with my life."

Through our consciously designed clothing and our commitment to making you feel awesome, we stand by what Wai represents to us: the vibrance and beauty of its birthplace and the surrender to trust in one another.

What can you expect when you buy Wai?

You're either going to absolutely love it or you're going to have a nice chat with our highly-praised customer support who will take care of all your needs.

Why is Wai hella gay?

One of the original intentions of Wai Wear was to introduce a more harmonious relationship of masculine and feminine energy Gay is cool, straight is cool, everything in between is cool.

Can we help each other?

If any of this resonates with you and you wanna contact us, do it! We’re here at

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